Moving For Wellness

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The Mission of The Movement

Our mission is to create and support movers in life. To be a mover is to experience all that the universe has to offer in it's complete form. The good news is that anybody, in any state of being, can be a mover.  One only needs to activate their inner potential energy and allow the momentum of the movement to thrust them towards their ultimate goals.  A healthy body is only one tool for reaching that level of sensation. Here, you can learn how best to incorporate movement in to your life and maybe spread it to the lives of those around you.

The True Cost of Sickness

True Health is the default, sickness and wellness take work.  It's common for many of us to live the majority of our life skipping like a stone.  We only pay any attention to our state of well being when we dip below the waterline.  It then takes a lot of energy and money to come back up to the surface.  Our physical bodies have a great ability to heal themselves, we just need to get out of the way and balance our beings to allow for ultimate self actualization. 

Moving for Wellness

Movement is something we do with our bodies. It is an idea we feel strongly about. It is adaptation. It is change in a society. Movement is what makes life worth living. Stagnation is boring and unhealthy. Moving for Wellness is dedicated to promoting movement, in all facets of life, beyond health towards a state of wellness.


"We spend our health to earn our wealth, then spend our wealth to regain our health."

Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar BAMS, M.D. 


No labels. Just move!

Grab a friend or hit the road solo and find your natural rhythm